[News] Boyfriend Delves into “Obsession” in New MV Teaser

Boyfriend Delves into “Obsession” in New MV Teaser

After releasing individual teaser shots for each member, Boyfriend is upping the ante in a new MV spot for impending comeback, “Obsession“!

The teaser, showcasing the boys’ new mature styles, seems to follow a darker theme than Boyfriend’s previous concepts. The boys are seen working out (hint: Hyunseong shows some abs!) and tinkering with chemicals while battling a wanted poster with a bounty. The song itself sounds promising, as dramatic violin riffs and catchy hooks are revealed.

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[News] VIXX Members N and Ravi Update Weibo with Cute Selca

VIXX Members N and Ravi Update Weibo with Cute Selca


Leader N and rapper Ravi recently updated the official VIXX weibo with a cute selca.

The group, currently in the midst of their newest comeback “ETERNITY,” took time to greet their fans. In the picture, N and Ravi display matching peace signs and colorful hair in their stage outfits.

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[News] INFINITE Takes Home Second Win with “Last Romeo” on “M!Countdown”

Infinite Takes Home Second Win with “Last Romeo” on “M!Countdown”

This week on MNet’s “M!Countdown,” male group Infinite took home their second trophy for “Last Romeo!”

Following their first win on MBC Music’s “Show Champion” on May 28, Infinite confirmed their hot popularity by continuing the winning streak. Although Fly to the Sky came extremely close with “You You You,” they ended up losing to the idol group with a small margin.

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[News] EXO’s Kris Sighted at a Hospital in China

A fan has revealed the current condition of Kris (real name: Wu Yi Fan), who fled to China after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment on the grounds that the exclusive contract is invalid.

On May 28, an EXO fan in China uploaded the photo and text with it stating “I unexpectedly saw Kris at the Beijing Fu Wai Hospital. I saw him at the cardiovascular department. I hope he returns and takes care of his body well.”

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[News] Seo In Guk Shows Fans Some Special Luvin’ at Taiwan Concert

Many fan girls must be jealous over the special treatment a particular fan received from Seo In Guk this past weekend.

Seo In Guk held his concert “Seo In Guk Live Show in Taipei 2014” in Nankang 101, Taiwan on May 24. He had a special time with a thousand of his fans, getting to perform his past hits “No Matter What,” “Love U,” and “With Laughter or With Tears.” Fans were in for a treat as they get to hear him perform his recent track “BOMTANABA” live for the first time in Taiwan.

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[News] Infinite’s Dongwoo Talks About Woohyun’s Current Condition After Shoulder Injury

On the May 28 radio broadcast for MBC FM4U’s “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date,”Infinite members DongwooL, and Sungjong appeared as guests.

Earlier, during MBC’s “Idol Futsal World Cup” on May 26, it was reported that Infinite’s Woohyun was involved in an accident that caused a shoulder injury. Following the injury, Woohyun was taken to the hospital to receive treatment.

During the radio show, DJ Park Kyung Lim asked the other members what had happened, as a lot of fans were expressing curiosity and concern for Woohyun’s current status.

Dongwoo explained, “Woohyun injured his shoulder while filming for a sports program. Right now, he can’t use one of his arms normally. We hope that he recovers quickly because it is difficult for him to do the dance choreography. It seems that a lot of fans already know [of his injury] and are worrying.”



[News] B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk and Himchan Donate More Than 400 Books for a Good Cause

Idol group B.A.P members Bang Yong Guk and Himchan’s good deed for a children’s charity has been recognized.

Bugiz, a charity that sponsors underprivileged children who suffer from leukemia, childhood cancer, and other rare, incurable diseases, revealed on May 27, “B.A.P’s leader, Bang Yong Guk, and member Himchan have donated books.”

The charity explained, “They have donated a total of more than 400 books. Not only will the books be given to the children in the charity, the donated books will also be directly distributed to support various child care facilities, low-income families, disadvantaged children, and any other places that are in need of books, as well.”



[News] B.A.P Releases Teasers + Photo for New Single Album

B.A.P fans are getting more of this new chic and preppy image for this boy group. The group released a short music video teaser for their upcoming track, “Where Are You?” (also known as “Where Are You? What Are You Doing?”) through their agency’s YouTube channel.

The music video teaser shows B.A.P wandering around a romantic European city. In contrast to their fierce concepts they are more known for, the members tone it down with casually fashionable clothing and less make up.


[youtube http://youtu.be/axqKsPsipsA]

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[News] EXO-K and VIXX Snap a Friendly Photo Backstage

Two popular boy groups, VIXX and EXO-K, shared a friendly moment backstage.

On May 28, VIXX member N shared a photo and tweeted, “It’s been a while since we’ve all met together. Very happy to see you friends.”

In the photo, the boys look comfortable mingling together posing for the camera with a variation of the victory sign.

Both groups participated in MBC’s special program “2014 World Cup Cheer Show” on May 28.

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[News] INFINITE’s Sungkyu Revealed as Agency CEO’s Nephew

Infinite member Sungkyu has been revealed as the nephew of his agency’s CEO, Lee Jong Yeop.

This was revealed by the Woollim Entertainment CEO after Infinite’s showcase on May 21, after having kept it a secret up until now. Sungkyu said, “I became a part of Infinite after auditions and various tests of ability and talent. However, it’s not that there was no connection there.”

In related news, Sunny of Girls’ Generation is also well-known as the niece of SM’s Lee Soo Man.

Infinite, after releasing their second album “Season 2” on May 21, has wrapped up with their three-day three-country showcase held in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, and will be starting with broadcast promotions soon.